What is a Socrates Café?


The design of the socrates café…

came from the work of Christopher Phillips an inspirational modern day philosopher.  A Socrates Cafe is an intentional conversation that invites people to come together to consider questions that are both timely and timeless in nature. A Socrates Café uses the Socratic Method to open up  profound and important discussions ;   is an opportunity for people of all ages  to  work collaboratively to seek  a deeper meaning into a  perplexing question, a contemporary issue or a thorny problem that is both intriguing and demands our consideration. (As Chris says, “The Socratic method is a way to seek truth by your own lights. It is a system, a spirit,  a type of philosophical  inquiry, an intellectual technique, all rolled into one. “

Chris is a brilliant philosopher,  author and teacher who has spent his life in pursuit of truth. He has spent much of his life traveling around the  world leading Socrates Cafes  to  motivate individuals to ask question-“not about any chance question, as Socrates  puts it in Plato’s Republic, "but about the way one should live.”   The model of a Socrates Café is one that can be adopted in schools and  in communities around the  world; it is a powerful model for  honoring different perspectives , inclusion, tolerance and respect that is at the heart of civil discourse and the search for truth.

For more  information about Christopher Phillips’ work, including his many bookshow to start a Socrates Café in your community and the various important and exciting initiatives that Chris is spearheading including his new podcastFollow Chris on the web.

His work is, and continues to be, an inspiration to all of us.

See my video interview with Christopher Phillips when he came to our school in Vermont.


Want to see what a Socrates Café looks like in action? Watch the video below: